While give out Trillions in corporate welfare, our Congress is going to let us bleed under lock down.

The elites are going to bleed us dry under lockdown, buy everything for pennies on the dollar.. I just add implement social credit as the new system. This is some Battle Of Waterloo / Rothschild type shit we’re seeing, yet I’m suppose to read white fragility and wrestle with my internal racism?

Jimmy does a great job of showing us exactly what our Congress always does, fucks us while sucking corporate dick. Sorry for the diatribe.

Edit: This does really piss me off. Pelosi has the fucking nerve to literally ask us to pray harder for her than starving children. Did you hear that part?

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I have a prayer that I say, um… Let’s pray for those that are hungry… Let’s pray hard for those that will not feed them.

…… Is she kidding?… She wants me to pray harder for the people who throws us $1,200.00, while giving the largest tranfer of wealth to the corporation? 4.5 Trillion… And that was 3+ months ago. This is economic George Floyd. Economic knee on our throat.



h/t kit8642


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