Quick thought on the implementation of Social Credit within the US.

by kit8642

Today I saw a comment that triggered a train of thought I figured I’d share. The comment was essentially, “My credit score is going to be fucked soon, isn’t it”… Which got me thinking about our current debt structure and the imminent social credit system I believe is on it’s way here.

This has been something I’ve thought about a lot for almost a decade, and have watched be come a thing in 2015 and slowly be introduced in the US. Something I’ve wondered for years has been how they would be able to implement the fully authoritarian system.. I have speculated about it being in tandem with a UBI. The idea they would link a monthly payment with your social score would be most effective imo.

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So this is the thought that comment triggered… I now have a feeling this system will be imposed through bleeding us dry through this pandemic. The amount of social, authoritarian, and economic pressure we’re all going through, social credit or “equity”/UBI might be the olive branch to let up some… Essentially, they will be able to extract wealth and put us all in debt, while also applying the social & authoritarian pressures (which I don’t think will let up)… Once they have the vast majority of the public screaming for it, they offer social credit, a UBI, and total surveillance through 5G. I would imagine this would include cashless society and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) as well.

I’d imagine they might even offer programs like, if you keep a “great” score for 3 years, we’ll wipe your past debt… But like many offers from the government, it only helps a small percentage… This would allow them to target and systematically remove the people who are undesirable.

Anyways, just a train of thought I figured I’d share. Cheers!




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