While most everyone is distracted by the presidential race, the Democrats are moving big names and big money into various Senate races.

WATCH THE SENATE: Donors Driving Big Money to Colo. Dem Primary.

John Walsh, a former federal attorney, has touted his grassroots support in his bid to unseat Republican senator Cory Gardner, but 70 percent of his campaign funds have come from big-money donors, FEC filings show. More than $540,000 of Walsh’s $776,999.12 raised to date came from donors contributing at least $1,000. More than $330,000—43 percent of his cash to date—came from $2,800 contributions, the maximum allowed under federal law.

Walsh’s reliance on big-money donors has not softened his rhetoric against money’s influence in politics.

In a July video thanking his “grassroots supporters,” Walsh called fundraising an “unfortunate” political necessity. He expressed disdain for campaigns that focus on “the most wealthy Americans.”


McConnell Recruiting Senate Dems to Destroy Next Democratic President

The possibility that Democrats might win the presidency and the Senate in the next election, and then actually pass some laws, is concerning enough to Mitch McConnell that the Senate majority leader is trying to talk them out of it. McConnell has an op-ed in the New York Times, a venue selected to speak to Democratic Party elites, urging them not to eliminate the Senate’s legislative filibuster.



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