Whistleblowers silenced by China could have stopped global coronavirus spread. Will China EVER be held accountable?

Mid-November in Wuhan, China, and cases of a strange new flu start surfacing. In a sprawling city of 11 million people, the coronavirus, our invisible brutal enemy was born – festering at least a month and a half before the world was told. In January President Xi Jinping made a decision that would ultimately condemn the world: allowing 5 million people to leave the epicentre of the virus without being screened.

Wuhan Survivors claim that between 42,000 to 100,000 people are DEAD, with at least 1.21 Million Infections.

“Wuhan locals claim coronavirus has killed 42,000 people in the city alone, more than ten times the national figure claimed by Chinese authorities.

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The killer bug, which originated in Wuhan in China’s Hubei Province has claimed the lives of 3,300 people and infected more than 81,000.

Of those, 3,182 deaths were reported in Hubei Province.

But residents in Wuhan claim 500 urns have been handed out to grieving families every day from seven separate funeral homes all serving the city.”



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