White couple attacked, stripped and the woman gang raped by 6 Black suspects in Detriot … MSN REFUSES TO REPORT #BlackLivesMatter

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Title says it all.
Sketches released of group of men that robbed, stripped off clothes of couples in Detroit:

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Detroit police are investigating two robbery and sexual assault incidents that happened in the same area of the city Thursday night.
Police released sketches of the men Friday evening.

Some people need to realize, like blacks, though maybe not as often, they can be attacked for simply being white. While the media refuses to believe that is even possible. If and when a white person is attacked, it’s either due to “socioeconomic” factors or “white privilege”. Also, the when a white person is attacked by a person of another race, the attackers race is never mentioned. While when the opposite happens there’s a national outcry.

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26 thoughts on “White couple attacked, stripped and the woman gang raped by 6 Black suspects in Detriot … MSN REFUSES TO REPORT #BlackLivesMatter

  1. Makes sure you repost this with the proper Twitter tags;

  2. Same Media is owned by Jews that are causing the Racism, and war on Whites.
    This is the psychology of Black Lives Matter BS! To be mad at Whites.
    Funded by Zionist Jews. Immigration a tool of the Jews to create a NWO.

  3. Of course the media doesn’t report it. White people are a vanquished, dying people with no power. To the oligarchy they don’t matter.

  4. This is terrible, but so is institutionalized racism which breeds and manufactures (by design) poverty, ignorance and violence. If you don’t want to be a victim, stop denying the endemic racism in this nation and in the world. More importantly, get off of your azzes and do something about it, or your whining will fall on death ears, because you do not hold the moral ground. Your history is coming back to haunt you.

    • Wrong. “Racism” was a trite argument back when Trotsky’s minions pimped for it. It is nothing more than moral extortion. The world is filled with countries in which minorities and the poor don’t act like savages.

  5. What’s rare is the media and lack of coverage when its black on white crime. Google white genocide. White genocide South Africa and genocide/rape Sweden. None of this is by accident, but a focused and concentrated effort to keep us busy fighting among ourselves, while they create their utopia.
    Attacks on whites is rare? Not even close.
    Memorial Wall 2014 http://conservative-headlines.com/memorial-wall-black-on-white-murders-in-2014/
    New Nation: Black on White Crimes

  6. The wheel always turn round & when the response will be taken……. It will be terrible…
    I’m glad that I’m not a “diversity, a minority, or a tribesman/woman from the Light Upon Nations !
    The Law of the Universe… For every action, there’s a counteraction…

  7. There is one solution, start to hang them in the nearest øamp post.
    In Norway the PC asylum, the NEVER mention what “foreigns” do, execpt if its some Polish or Baltics but thats even rear.
    Gangrapes, is comon and never mentioned.
    Drugg gangs rule the streets, our coward cops runns around and snapps reefers out of comon people, but the voilent gangs is never tuched, infact you can be beaten to deth by a gang of Pakis, and the blame is put upon You, because the Pakifu….. isnt racistic, racesism is ONLY comin from White people, even our lunatic leftis freaks says so.
    The scums should hang high.
    The black scums wants war, give it to them, this war campagne is runn by Jewish press NEVER forgett that.

  8. To make clear how intentional the deception is: Hispanics are technically “Caucasian”. So when the FBI records a crime against an Anglo by an Hispanic, it’s Caucasian against Caucasian — couldn’t possibly be racially motivated. But when a Caucasian commits a crime against an Hispanic, that’s the way it’s recorded, with an inter-racial aspect that makes hate crime a possible motivation. They WANT to make whites look like racist monsters but give everyone else a pass.

  9. Arm up people, your not in Kanas anymore, and when these thugs pop out of the shadows…send them to hell with a 45 slug to the crown.

  10. I’m sure Detroit has VERY STRICT gun control laws too, so innocent citizens are POWERLESS to protect themselves and save the taxpayers a lot of money trying/defending/incarcerating/feeding/clothing/housing this scum for the next several years.

      • Always one of 2 extremes: gun control that leaves a disarmed citizenry helpless against crime, or the other extreme where police surrender and it’s every man, woman and child for themselves.

    • Well they don’t have strict gun laws, not even in the least. Police are very clear that their response time is slow since they do not have enough officers. They encourage all to make use of guns for their own protection……not in this article is the fact that groups of men (black) are now patrolling the streets themselves to catch these guys, also just so you’re aware this has happened to many more colored folks. Much of this story is not being shared. As for me Yes I know more because my local news is from Detroit. Should MSN truly report this story now only because it’s happened to white folks, it’s been happening to blacks for a long time.

      • Rape has been happening to regardless of color. Crime does not have a face, it has an agenda. Check out the sex offender registry, whites, blacks, latinos, asians. Its been happening for thousands of years, in every nation.

      • Once the police have surrendered and admitted they can no longer contain the violence or keep the peace, it makes perfect sense.

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