White House backtracks after Biden calls border situation a ‘crisis’: “The President’s use of the “crisis” label doesn’t represent the administration’s official position”… WTF!

(CNN) — The White House on Monday backtracked after President Joe Biden over the weekend described the influx of migrant children on the country’s southern border as a “crisis,” in what appeared to be a notable shift in language.
The President’s use of the “crisis” label doesn’t represent the administration’s official position, the White House said Monday in regard to a term that top administration officials have refused to say as the numbers of migrants surged.
Biden spoke to reporters after a round of golf at the Wilmington Country Club on Saturday and was asked about the cap on refugees admitted to the US in the current fiscal year.
“We’re gonna increase the numbers. The problem was that the refugee part was working on the crisis that ended up on the border with young people and we couldn’t do two things at once. And now we’re going to increase the numbers,” Biden said.

On Monday, the White House sought to downplay those words, claiming Biden was referring to the conditions in Northern Triangle countries that migrants are coming from and not the surge of migrant children in US custody.
“No, there is no change in position. Children coming to our border seeking refuge from violence, economic hardships and other dire circumstances is not a crisis,” a White House official told CNN.


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Looks like the puppet masters were not happy with what the puppet stated. So the president’s statements no longer “represent the administration’s official position”. Has this ever happened before?

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