White House Claims Joe Biden Can Win Reelection in 2024 with 36% Approval Rating and Full-on Dementia

We have one more shot — just one more, to save this country.

In 2020 Democrats stole the election with:

** ballot harvesting
** late-night ballot drops
** massive ballot trafficking
** blocking GOP observers from the counting rooms
** only hiring Democrats to count votes
** ignoring chain of custody laws
** weak Republican lawmakers
** corrupted ballot-counting machines
** Destroying the evidence
** bloated voter rolls

These factors resulted in millions of fraudulent votes in the 2020 election.

On Sunday White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain suggested Joe Biden, at age 79, with the worst economy in the last 100 years, will win reelection in 2024 with full-blown dementia.

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They know they can steal at will. They aren’t even hiding it.

Evidently, Democrats are going to roll Biden’s hospital bed into the debates and interviews?

When you steal elections it doesn’t matter if the dirty masses don’t vote for you.

“WH claims Joe Biden CAN win in 2024 despite low polling: Chief of Staff Ron Klain points to French President Emanuel Macron’s reelection with just 36% approval rating”



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