White House Confirms Negative Q2 GDP by posting multiple blogs claiming we aren’t in a Recession


With Q2 GDP data being announced this Thursday on July 28th, Pelosi’s boss and gang have already began defending the presumably negative number we’ll see.

On the heels of a negative Q1 GDP of -1.6%, some of the most recent Q2 forecasts are pointing to barely positive Q2 GDP, or possibly (most likely) negative:

Goldman Sachs: +0.7%

The Conference Board: +0.8%

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: -1.6%

Now this is where it gets saucy. As some of you less retarded people might already know, the criteria of a recession is generally acknowledged as the occurrence of 2 consecutive quarters with negative GDP. I’ve included some examples, rather than pull this claim out of my loose ass:

Investopedia: “The working definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth as measured by a country’s gross domestic product (GDP), although the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) does not necessarily need to see this occur to call a recession, and uses more frequently reported monthly data to make its decision, so quarterly declines in GDP do not always align with the decision to declare a recession.”

Forbes: “In 1974, economist Julius Shiskin came up with a few rules of thumb to define a recession: The most popular was two consecutive quarters of declining GDP. A healthy economy expands over time, so two quarters in a row of contracting output suggests there are serious underlying problems, according to Shiskin. This definition of a recession became a common standard over the years.”

United state Government Accountability Office: “A pervasive, substantial decline in overall business activity that is of at least several months’ duration. The National Bureau of Economic Research identifies recessions on the basis of several indicators. As a rule of thumb, recessions are commonly identified by a decline in real GDP for at least two consecutive quarters.”

Business Insider: “A recession is a significant economic downturn spread across the economy that lasts more than a few quarters. More specifically, Recessions often get boiled down to a simple definition: when gross domestic product (GDP) declines for two consecutive quarters. This prevailing line of thought, popularized by economist Julius Shiskin in 1974, only captures a small corner of a recession’s true scope.”

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Now just last week, a couple posts from whitehouse.gov are already claiming that the textbook definition of a recession (2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP) isn’t the REAL measure of a recession:

How Do Economists Determine Whether the Economy Is in a Recession? “While some maintain that two consecutive quarters of falling real GDP constitute a recession, that is neither the official definition nor the way economists evaluate the state of the business cycle.”

ICYMI: Treasury Secretary Yellen Says US Economy Not in Recession “As she explains, the technical and actual definition of a recession takes into account “a broad range of data” and states “this is not an economy that’s in recession.”

TODD: “If the technical definition is two quarters of contraction, you’re saying that’s not a recession?”

YELLEN: “That’s not the technical definition.”

Joe and his handlers are clinging to the fact that the National Bureau of Economic Research, a non-profit organization, is technically responsible for “officially” announcing the beginning and end of a recession. Yet another fact is that as of Thursday, we’ll have 2 consecutive quarters with a negative GDP.

The government’s actual definition of a recession isn’t going to change the public sentiment around what everyone is already feeling. Come Thursday afternoon, a negative GDP will be announced, media headlines will all claim a Recession is here based on the new number, and I guess we’ll see what the market does.

TLDR; Negative GDP on Thursday guaranteed. Media will claim Recession is official as of July 28th. Puts on the Economy, idk.

EDIT: I’m not saying a recession is here, I’m saying the media is going to eat up a negative GDP number. The whole point of this post is the guarantee that Q2 GDP will be negative. I specifically didn’t make a claim to what the market will do, so think/do what you wish.

EDIT 2: Someone asked for a graph so here’s a graph of GDP for 2022 📉


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