White House Finally Saying the Ukraine has to Surrender

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by Chris Black

This is of course the diametric opposite of what the White House and State Department have been saying for four months. They said the victory would be won on the battlefield.

Also, just to be clear, “negotiation” is a thin code word for “surrender.” The Ukraine has no cards at all. They are going to meet all of Russia’s initial demands, which means it is a surrender.



As high-ranking White House officials argued the conflict in Ukraine has to have a diplomatic solution, media outlets close to US intelligence reported on Thursday of increasing concerns about Kiev’s hard-line position amid the deteriorating situation on the battlefield. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s defense minister vowed to fight until total victory.

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The US will continue to help Ukraine “to the maximum extent possible,” national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Thursday, “first on the battlefield, and then, ultimately at the negotiating table. We think this has to end with diplomacy.”


Gifting them as many weapons as possible before the surrender helps out the defense contractors, and all of it is just going to be blamed on Joe Biden anyway, so who cares?

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