White House ‘Nutrition Advisor’ Claims Lucky Charms Are Healthier Than Chicken


Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian — Joe Biden’s new Public Health© nutrition advisor — claims Lucky Charms© are healthier than fresh meat.

Via Dariush’s criminally stupid “Food Compass©”:

Source: Nature Journal

Soak in the idiocy: per the rankings, Honey Nut Cheerios© is a healthy alternative to a boiled egg. Almond M&Ms© is a superior nutritional choice to ground beef.

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Then consider that this Food Compass© wasn’t published in some laughable obscure blog in a dark corner of the internet; Dariush somehow managed to get his brazen propaganda piece featured in Nature Journal, widely considered one of the most authoritative scientific publications in the world.

What’s actually in Lucky Charms©, the cereal endorsed by a Tufts University professor?



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