Who Controls The Creation Of Currency Controls The World

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The central banks and banks are threaten by the cryptocurrency market, they are in the process of controlling the creation of currency. China is now pushing their RMB for cross boarder use. There is a new report that will be released and a special counsel might be created to go after those involved in the uranium one deal, fusion gps, Clinton foundation etc. A new video surfaced showing a US jet and a Russian jet very close together. Trump says he will speak to North Korea. Libya is inviting Russia in to help with peace negotiations. Iran says those involved with the riots are arrested and the protests are finished. Free Syrian Army spokesman are in Washington to speak to officials, the question is which officials. There is a new report that says the Cabal is getting ready to recognize the Kurdish territory in Syria without the permission of Syria. The CDC is pushing the idea that the US will be attacked by a nuclear weapon.

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1 thought on “Who Controls The Creation Of Currency Controls The World

  1. He who creates the currency, controls the world = New World Order = FED = Zionist and Jews.
    The US Constitution clearly states the US Treasury has the only authority to coin money. The FED is unconstitutional.

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