Who is Behind the Recent Attacks on Crypto? That’s an Easy One: BIS, the Central Banks of All Central Banks

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by Chris Black

All info taken from this Twitter thread:

about the Bank of International Settlements 2021 Annual Report:


  • They advocate for a global digital identity system.
  • Vaccine rollouts are a focus for economic recovery.
  • Individuals will have direct accounts with the central bank where all users are identifiable using a universal digital ID scheme.
  • Financial surveillance by central banks has increased drastically during the cov-ID era.
  • Calls for more surveillance, regulation and enforcement against Crypto Service Providers [link (www.bis.org/fsi/publ/insights31_summary.pdf)].
  • Recommends automatic ’embedded surveillance’ in crypto.
  • Shows favour towards the Chinese social credit system.
  • “In a cashless society, the general public does not have access to public money.”
  • Banks are warming up to the idea of teaming up to form a global digital ID and CBDC system.
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This is all the stuff I feared and spoke about since the start of the scamdemic.

The attack on crypto will only intensify.

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