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by I-am-Orlando

FACT CHECK: Twitter, Politifact, Snopes WRONG To Suggest Mail Order Voter Fraud Is Rare

Leading the “voter fraud is a myth” argument to blind people from reality, we have Snopes claiming “All types of voter fraud in U.S. elections is minuscule in comparison to the number of ballots cast, according to elections experts.” But this is patently and completely false.

First off, there is historical precedent that thousands of people rise from the dead to vote Democrat in Chicago each election. In Chicago, voter fraud is not only rampant, but it is even called “legendary,” as if it is some sort of crowing achievement.

Secondly, Judicial Watch found that, in many LARGE districts in California (Such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz), there were more voters than members of the eligible voting population. In Los Angeles that number stood at 112% of voters vs. the population and San Francisco stood at 114%. Further, the county of Santa Cruz had 109% of voters vs. the population. These numbers certainly DO contribute to thousands upon thousands of additional voters than actually could be eligible to vote.

Thirdly, and this is to Snopes’ COMPLETE DESECRATION, Election Experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology specifically stated that mail-order fraud is more likely than in-person voter fraud.


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