Who is Philip Cross – Neocon Fascist Propagandist and Industrial Scale Manipulator of Wikipedia?

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by Ian Shilling

A number of people have commented about the industrial scale editing of Wikipedia by a mysterious person calling themselves Philip Cross, but which is certainly not their real name.

Philip Cross has devoted considerable amounts of energy, every single day for the last 5 years, to smear Truth Tellers and Anti War Activists to put them in the worst possible light on Wikipedia while simultaneously protecting some prominent Neocon Fascist War Propagandists and liars.

Philip Cross is performing exactly the same official role as Winston Smith had in George Orwell’s 1984.
Winston Smith’s job was to rewrite official history and to consign Truth to the “Memory Hole” according to the current desires of the Party Establishment. He did this by rewriting headlines and articles of previously published material.

The only difference between Winston Smith and Philip Cross, is that Winston rebelled against IngSoc, Big Brother and the Party in George Orwell’s novel of a Dystopian Future, but Philip Cross is an enthusiastic supporter of the Fascist Establishment and voluntarily sets out to deceive the public by large scale editing of Wikipedia,

George Galloway says he now has definitive proof of who Philip Cross is and will shortly be exposing them in a  Court Case (presumably for Libel).

A number of people have observed that the Wikipedia edits made by Philip Cross have coincided with smear campaigns run by Oliver Kamm.

Oliver Kamm is a Neocon Fascist Propagandist and serial liar employed by, and writing for, the Rupert Murdoch owned Neocon Fascist propaganda rag the London Times.

Confirmed names Oliver Kamm has tweeted about on the same day Philip Cross has edited their page:


Chris Hedges, Max Mosley, Mark Wadsworth, Peter Oborne, LabourLeave,
David Ward, Ken Loach, Nick Timothy, Alex Salmond, Nafeez Ahmed, Owen Jones,
Diane Abbott, Tim Hayward, Piers Robinson, Craig Murray, Alex Nunns, Glenn Greenwald,
Media Lens, “Douma Chemical Attack”, Robert Fisk (edited a day before, not the same day),
George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn, Media Lens, Seumas Milne, Edward S. Herman,
Paul Flynn, Afshin Rattansi, Mo Ansar, John Pilger.


Also notable: Neil Clark, who has had his Wikipedia page deleted so cannot check this.


Note the list above is most definitely not definitive: there are many many more unlisted.

Extracted from (and linked to by Craig Murray)


Wikipedia has long been a Propaganda Organ of the corrupt Establishment, pushing lies about the Neocon Wars, Globalism, Israel and the corrupt politicians, media and oligarchs that support them.

Wikipedia selectively includes material and references that put corrupt pro Establishment figures (including brazen War Criminals and Mass Murderers) in the best possible light while censoring, wherever possible, negative comments and articles about them.

It smears Truth Tellers and Anti War Activists who expose the corrupt Establishment and War Criminals by selectively including the worst articles on them (which are often brazen lies told by pro Establishment propagandists) and censoring, wherever possible, anything positive about them.

Wikipedia also tells brazen lies about anyone or any entity branded an enemy by the US Empire or Globalists (so people and things like Putin, Russia, Assad, Syria, the White Helmets, Iran, Jeremy Corbyn etc.).

Wikipedia covers up the crimes and the lies of people and things deemed to be allies of the US Empire, Neocons or Globalists e.g. –
Bill and Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
the Military Industrial Complex and the Deep State, CIA, FBI, John Brennan, James Clapper, Mike Pompeo etc.
US and UK Foreign Policy
the current Neocon Fascist UK government and its prominent politicians such as Theresa May and Boris Johnson etc.
Tony Blair, his War Crimes, his corruption and the Blairite MPs who still support him
The Russiagate Hoax and its prominent propagandists such as Adam Schiff, Mark Warner, Bill Kristol and John McCain
Israel, its racism, Apartheid policies, brutal Occupation of the West Bank, blockade of Gaza, Wars of Aggression, War Crimes and Humn rights abuses, support of Wahhabi Terrorism (al-Qaeda and ISIS etc.), the recent massacre of unarmed protestors in Gaza by Israeli snipers, falsely smearing Truth Tellers as “antisemites” (this one has always been popular for decades) etc. etc.
Saudi Arabia, its brutal despotic rulers, its medieval barbaric Detah Cult “religion” of Wahhabism, its recruitment and funding of Wahhabi Terroists and Terror Groups etc.
Wall Street bankers and pro Globalist or pro Neocon Oligarchs
The Privately Owned Federal Reserve, its true objectives and the privately owned and controlled banking system in general
The true objectives of Globalism etc.
etc. etc.

The US Empire and the agenda of both the Neocons and the Globalists are built upon nothing but lies and only the constant telling of lies will sustain it and them.
US and UK Foreign Policy Flow Chart:-
“Wikipedia Is An Establishment Psyop” by Caitlin Johnstone

In truth Wikipedia is part of the CIA’s disinfo program Operation Mockingbird which set out to control the entire mainstream media narrative from the early 1950’s using owned and controlled “journalists”, “editors” and media owners – people like Oliver Kamm and Rupert Murdoch.
Large amounts of money are also spent on editing Wikipedia content by large Corporations, PR companies, “Brand Management” companies, Establishment politicians, Establishment political groups and parties, lobbyists, lobbying groups, big business groups and well funded foreign Special Interests in order to manipulate and control the information available on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a propaganda tool for Big Money interests (exactly the same as Mainstream Media is).
It is not a credible source of information for serious researchers (although it can be used as a starting point for basic facts or the date of specific events, before moving onto more credible and honest sources to determine why those events happened or the true agendas and backers of the people or groups being reported on).

Wikileaks founder Jimmy Wales is staunchly pro Establishment with links to Globalists such as the Clinton Foundation and George Soros.

Debunking a lot of the Major Lies found on Wikipedia:-

Compendium of Important Articles on Geopolitics, The Neocon Wars, Globalism, The Russiagate Hoax and Civil Rights Abuses


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