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Amazon is one of the greatest companies offering online concerned with doing trade on internet commerce, advancements in technology using artificial intelligence(involved with making computers behave and act like humans) among other services. Amazon started as a small company and later diversified to be among the pioneers of technology. Services provided by the Amazon include;

  • Amazon elastic cloud computing known as Amazon EC2 is a service that creates virtual machine working environments that help to eliminate costly physical machines and provision of quality services.
  • Amazon s3- this is the simple storage service that provides storage services over the internet. This service help companies and individuals with large amounts of data store data in the internet saving up the cost of buying physical memory hardware.
  • Amazon private cloud- known as the Amazon VPC and used for protection of user data by giving each user a unique address that isolates them from all other Amazon users ensuring for the privacy of their data.
  • Amazon relational database services-commonly known as Amazon RDS and is used to handle all work that involves databases. This creates a platform for the creation and designing of complex databases and storage.

Amazon due to its provision of great quality services is preferred by many traders and individuals. Below are some of the reasons clients choose trade amazon to conduct their business.

  1. Personalization; this includes the way products and services requested get delivered. It includes receiving personalized emails like Kelvin’s .com among other services which increase the chances of a customer to buy the goods.
  2. Products reviews, videos, and images; this includes the way products are presented in the site. The better presentation gives customers a clear picture and imagination of what a customer is buying and increase the chances of a customer ending up in choosing and buying a certain good.

Amazon traders and buyers use the CFD form of conducting business that include; choosing a broker, depositing some amount usually the initial amount agreed on to do the business for them, the next step includes choosing the stock that one wants to buy, the fourth step involves choosing the amount one wants to invest if they want to conduct a business or the amount one wishes to spend if they are direct consumers and then the process ends with executing the deal.

Advantages of using Amazon

Amazon has many customers from all over the world with specific needs and that chances of getting goods sold are high.

Amazon saves traders from owning their selling software as Amazon provides virtual shops where traders and customers can interact and do business.

Goods ordered from Amazon are shipped with lower costs as compared to prices associated with shipping goods directly.

There exists a lot of potential buyers only looking for quality goods on Amazon only because of its continued great work.

Disadvantages of using Amazon

The overdependence on Amazon

Traders selling the same goods can result in conflicts since every trader wants their goods to be bought

Shipping charges are included on foods and this can make goods a little expensive


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