Who Is the WORLD'S BIGGEST Buyer of Stocks Since 2009? Hint: Not the Rothschild’s or Warren Buffett!

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There are two major reasons why stocks have risen:
1. Central banks printing money and buying shares.
2. Stock buybacks.
There are two major reasons why volatility is so low:
1. The Fed admittedly shorts volatility.
2. Stock buybacks.
In your opinion, with all of the facts we have, why is this information still being ignored?

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There have been two primary buyers of shares since 2009. One of them has been central banks. They continuously print money to buy shares as well as toxic assets, derivatives, and corporate debt. There is another group that in 2018 is projected to buy the most shares ever on record. But who could it be?
announced buybacks feb 2018.jpg (724×448)
GS buybacks feb 2018.jpg (691×472)
Add Stock Buybacks to the Causes of the Market Downturn – Bloomberg
2018-02-20_9-34-34.jpg (890×471)
stock buybacks factset.png (890×434)

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