WHO Now Investigates “Mu” Coronavirus Variant as “Variant of Interest”

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by Chris Black

It’s almost a joke at this point, but there are still people who take what WHO says very seriously. This is proof that we live in clown world and the NPC meme is real. I’m surprised they have yet to come up with the Moo variant in order to ban cows.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has reclassified the ‘Mu’ Covid strain, also known as B.1.621, as a “variant of interest,” amid concerns that its mutations indicate a potential risk of resistance to existing vaccines.

The WHO announced the classification in the organization’s weekly pandemic bulletin on Tuesday, several months after the Mu strain was first identified in Colombia.

The Mu variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape,” the WHO said, adding that “preliminary data showed it has the same behaviour as the Beta variant.”

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