Who REALLY Rules The World? – How To Break FREE (with Benny Wills)

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Josh Sigurdson talks with standup poet, comedian and actor Benny Wills about some of the most important question not enough people are answering. Who or what rules the world? Why do people want to be ruled? What are people doing about it? How do you break paradigms? What is the end game? Are they desperate? Why do they want us divided?
All of these questions are incredibly important and Benny does an incredible job breaking down answers, many of which you likely have not heard before.
Benny has an incredible background and is a true thinker, considering he managed to break the unbreakable… the mind paradigm of Hollywood. From film and television to creating a wildly popular online sketch comedy show ‘JoyCamp’ to now starting his own self named channel, his story and his message is an inspirational one.
Benny will be the MC at the upcoming AnarchoVegas event in Las Vegas on July 21st! You can find discounted tickets below!


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