Who Rules The World Of Cyber Security & Rules the American Way?

by Thinker

Politicians, leaders, and corporations who had access to billions who could have made the U.S. the greatest and most well respected nation in the world, chose instead to take trillions and force the world to submit with wars for greed and “NOT” humanity. Trillions of dollars that could have been put into a nation that now is divided and crumbling from the past administrations that rushed to fill their own pockets leaving the American people behind.

While millions in America are jobless, and many homeless, past presidential administrations allocated aid for other nations and other people over Americans. The American people by way of history have become second class citizens since the death of John F. Kennedy. A nation that has been vaccinated and uneducated in many ways like the Africans to keep thoughts out of the mind along with where the trillions of dollars that are missing from past presidental admistrations went.


Funding to create a business for America’s dual citizen, but not operated in America, but in the first state???



U.S.politicians putting their birth/home countries over the American people???

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Is Obama really an American??? His words have been lies, but his actions and history say that he supported non-Americans over Americans. Our actions will define the true content of our character. Where does he have any room to critizize Donald Trump???

FLASHBACK: In 2016 America’s dual/citzenship Jewish politicians secured funds from United States taxpayers by Obama sellout of Veterans, pensions, homeless Americans and finalized a $38 billion package of military aid for Israel over the next 10 years. The largest of its kind ever, and the two allies plan to sign the agreement American and Israeli officials said. The State Department scheduled a ceremony to formally announce the pact, which will be signed by Jacob Nagel, the acting national security adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and Thomas A. Shannon Jr., the under secretary of state for political affairs. Susan E. Rice, President Obama’s national security adviser who handled negotiations, plans to be on hand.

The package represents a major commitment to Israel’s security in the waning months of Mr. Obama’s presidency after years of fractious relations with Mr. Netanyahu over issues like the Iran nuclear agreement. Mr. Netanyahu agreed to several concessions to cement the deal rather than gamble on winning better terms from the next president. The package will provide an average of $3.8 billion a year over the next decade to Israel, already the largest recipient of American aid, including financing for missile defense systems that defend against rockets fired by groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. Under a previous 10-year agreement that expires in 2018, the United States provides about $3 billion a year, but lately Congress has added up to $500 million a year for missile defense.

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“The United States has invested significantly in many of Israel’s most:

Do U.S. Israeli Dual Citizens Run America’s Government?!?

Is it the Jewish politicians that attack Kavanaugh, because Obama and the democrats picked Jewish Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, and it wasn’t approved by the Republicans??? Is it a United States of America, or a United States of Israel Americans are working and fighting for??? Veterans homeless and hungry in the streets while thanks to the billions for aid to Israel, pensioners will be next having nothing to eat. History of every politician will show the people who has spent their lifetime trying to make a difference for the people, and who has spent their lives trying to destroy them.

Are Israeli soldiers more important than American soldiers??? Some U.S. politicians seem to think so…Trump transparency shining through. What will Americans for Veterans do???

Elections are coming…where will your vote go…”ALL” American is the name of the show!