How Obama’s Hillary Clinton Cover-Ups Destroyed DOJ & FBI

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by Thinker

Trey Gowdy vs FBI Peter Strzok in EXPLOSIVE Exchange at Congress Hearing on anti-Trump Texts. What happened to the United States of America??? What kind of men and women are in leadership positions who have conspired against a sitting president can call themselves a “REAL” American??? No election results have ever resulted in what I’ve seen to date with sitting president Donald Trump. Never have I seen actions and words that are clear acts of treason, which courts in other countries have found guilty. Only the Americans who stand behind the sitting president, like those who have in the past showing “HONOR” are the citizens that can “TRULY” call themselves Americans!!!

Who needs television, when “REAL LIFE” has it beat???

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Trey Gowdy vs FBI Peter Strzok in EXPLOSIVE Exchange at Congress Hearing on anti-Trump Texts.

Jim Jordan vs FBI Agent Peter Strzok in HEATED Exchange at Congress Hearing on Anti-Trump Texts

Rep. Jim Jordan engages in a HEATED Change as he grills FBI Agent Peter Strzok testifying before House oversight committees on Russia Probe. Words, actions, and history are exposing those who “LIE” and those who tell the “TRUTH!!!”

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How Obama’s Hillary Clinton cover-ups destroyed DOJ and FBI

The epic Clinton scandals and cover-ups currently under investigation in Washington will make Nixon’s Watergate and subsequent cover-up look like kindergarteners playing in a sandbox. Columns over the past few years have detailed how Washington DC, under twenty-five years of neoliberalism and the iron-fisted rule of the Clinton/Obama regime, have corrupted and weaponised senior members of Washington’s most bureaucratic law enforcement and intelligence agencies to act against the law and against the principles of democracy.

Making matters much worse, senior members of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency have been operating a “shadow government”, which is only accountable to the “deep state.” The Obama/Clintons’ shadow government operatives will stop at nothing to cover up their crimes against democracy, including the destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice. Destruction of evidence has been a big theme throughout the Bill/Hillary Clinton era.

Just take a look at scandals involving the missing emails, Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation.

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Based on the recent announcement from the Department of Justice regarding the 50,000 missing texts written by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, it appears this trend is continuing. The announcement states, “There was a problem with Strzok and Page’s bureau-issued SamsungGalaxies—that ‘firmware upgrades’ and other technical issues deleted records of texts sent from not only their phones but many phones across the bureau. We regretfully report that these text messages were lost.”

This occurred during a crucial time in the Russia investigation that included Michael Flynn’s resignation due to lies about his Russian ties and FBI Director James Comey’s firing. We now know this statement is not true since the “lost” emails have now magically reappeared. However, the DOJ has decided to withhold, for personal and other reasons, more than 85% of the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

The DOJ has submitted just 7,000 of the over 50,000 found. The total excludes many other emails and texts on numerous other personal devices that the two biased Trump investigators referenced on their FBI mobile devices.

However, Special Counsel Robert Mueller reviewed nearly all of the FBI lovers’ texts and:…oj-and-fbi


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