Trey Gowdy Exposes More Lies After Democrat Senator Says Kavanaugh Is Guilty

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by Thinker

Obama/Clinton/Valarie Jarrett already chose Jewish Judge Merrick Garland, and he wasn’t on the Trump list of choices, so what Americans are seeing now, are grown men and women, who are supposed to be representing the people, “TRUTH” and “JUSTICE” is now turning into grownups playing the “BULLY” game! What a shame for a nation that was once the greatest in the world, until (as history shows) wars based on lies brought it down!!!

Stop the LIES!!!

Support the only president since John F. Kennedy, whose actions are showing people first!!!

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Trey Gowdy, the congressman from South Carolina and the most honest politician and defender of the people continues to fight for justice. The congressman who should be the new United States Attorney General who the people can count on for his oath of honor. A man who has exposed more corruption while in Washington D. C. than has ever been exposed, and no one went to jail? Gowdy investigations that found many politicians guilty and who the DOJ dimisses it? Documents of past administrations that many don’t want Donald Trump to open to the public show how many favors to stay out of jail cards were passed out.

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Politicians who did the crimes and paid to get out of doing the time!

The ones who have a vested interest in the next judge to the Supreme Court!

Friends on the bench “DO” make a difference…history shows!



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