Deep State Judge Just Ruled Anyone in Congress Can Sue Trump Via Emoluments Clause

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by Thinker

Lock And Load: Jim Stone Has Apparently Jumped Into The Deep End…

How many judges are on the pay-to-play or blackmail for coverup does history show the American people??? Every judge, politician, individual, and organization come with history that either shows they are honest, or they are corrupt to the core…what do you know???

Earlier today I posted that they were going to go for impeachment on Trump because what they got away with on Kavanaugh was such a blatant example of subversion that the sky was now the limit. Low and behold, within an hour of the announcement that the FBI will now proceed to investigate Kavanaugh, a district court judge ruled that Trump can be prosecuted and impeached for violating the Emoluments clause.

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Never mind the fact that it is clear abuse of that clause that Trump is in no way violating, if they got to first base with screwing Kavanaugh, they are going for a home run. In reading my following comments on this topic, keep in mind that I am well aware of the fact that Trump violated nothing. The problem is that there is so much corruption at so many levels they will now prosecute him for nothing after this totally corrupt judge made it possible, and they can make it stick.

IT IS OFFICIAL: Kavanaugh delayed for a week, by a Republican!!!
During that week he will be “investigated” by a totally corrupt FBI. If for some reason the FBI does not destroy him, the Dems will play in another victim, when that is cleared the Repubs will go on recess and not vote for forever, DELAY DELAY DELAY from both sides until the election is stolen and Trump gets impeached.

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Don’t kid yourself with fantasy, the Republican side is just as deep state as the Democrat side, both are totally rotten and HAVE TO stop Bret and impeach Trump or they are done.

There’s nothing else to conclude.


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