Who Will Fall First, Italy or Spain? EU Collapse Will Need Grand Scale MEGA BAILOUT!

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Who will fall first, ITALY or SPAIN?

The EU and the Euro currency are the first major steps in global governance. Complete control over the political and financial systems of all countries underneath it. The elite have waited hundreds and hundreds of years to exact this level of domination over countries. The only issue is that as expected, it doesn’t work. Countries can’t keep in line with their magical numbers the technocrats have decided on. But of course, this was the plan from the beginning.


READ  PJW: An artist in Italy has just sold an “invisible sculpture” for 15,000 euros. It’s literally nothing. How far have we fallen from the Sistene Chapel to this meaningless crap?

Spain Banks Tumble as Court Rules They Must Pay Mortgage Tax


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Italy’s Bank Bailout Serves German Interests Too – Bloomberg


Italian public debt held by non-residents totals €739 bn; €690 bn structured via negotiable instruments


Canadian Banks Derivatives Expanded By A Trillion in 2016 | The Next Turn


2017 list of global systemically important banks (G-SIBs)



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