Whoever thought we’d see a day when Russia was less totalitarian than the West?

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Mandatory vaccination shouldn’t be forced on anyone, Putin declares

Those who are reluctant or anxious about signing up for a Covid-19 vaccine should be encouraged and incentivized to roll up their sleeves, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, while railing against coercion and intimidation.
Speaking on Sunday as part of a meeting with members of the governing United Russia party, ahead of parliamentary elections next month, Putin paid tribute to those behind the immunization drive. “We need to do everything we can to overcome this pandemic,” he said, “and the best tool we have in this fight is vaccination.”

However, at the same time, the president insisted that there must be “no imposition” of jabs on the public, and that the rationale for signing up for doses to protect against Covid-19 “needs to be explained.” According to Putin, “it is possible, and necessary, to create different kinds of incentives” in order to increase the number of people eager to be immunized, and these are preferable to tough rules and undue pressure.


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