Whole Foods shoppers blast Amazon’s Prime member discounts as the company announces it’s slashing

via businessinsider:

Some Whole Foods shoppers say they aren’t saving any money with Amazon’s Prime member discounts.

“There is no benefit whatsoever,” said Claudia Cukrov, an Amazon Prime member who shops at a Whole Foods in Brooklyn, New York, on a near daily basis.

Spencer Somers said he has stopped scanning his Amazon Prime member code at Whole Foods. “I was scanning it every time, but it wasn’t worth the under $1 savings,” he told Business Insider.

Amazon said response to the Prime member discounts has been positive, and that members have saved $100 million at Whole Foods since last summer.

Amazon announced this week that it would slash prices by 20% on hundreds of items and double the number of Prime-member deals available to Whole Foods shoppers.