Why a HUGE Amount of People Couldn’t Pay Their Rent in the Last 3 Months!

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If the economy is doing well, housing prices are rising, incomes are increasing, unemployment is getting lower, bonds are rising, stocks are rising…why are REAL indicators like this showing a different picture? Which one do you think is correct?

A deep economic CRISIS is present with the U.S. despite what we are being told. The housing CRISIS never ended. This is the FInancial Crisis Part 2.
2017.10.26 – Rent 4.JPG (992×792)
2017.10.26 – Rent 5.JPG (1020×792)
2017.10.26 – Rent 6.JPG (1034×774)
2017.10.26 – Rent 7.JPG (1054×781)
Rental Insecurity: The Threat of Evictions to America’s Renters – Apartment List Rentonomics
Vacant Property Rate Increases From a Year Ago in 54 Percent of U.S. Local Housing Markets in Q3 2017 – ATTOM Data Solutions

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5 thoughts on “Why a HUGE Amount of People Couldn’t Pay Their Rent in the Last 3 Months!

  1. TRUTH is we have been and still are IN THE WORST DEPRESSION in the history of the poor USA!
    lies are lies lies of omission are as bad as cheating the social security victims out of our COLA by FRAUD!

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