Why Are Central Banks Continuing To Buy Gold? Is The Era Of Fiat Currencies Ending?

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Peter Grandich on GoldCore TV

Peter Grandich is Dave Russell’s guest on GoldCore TV this week and talks about how he believes that the US financial, political, and military reputation has been seriously damaged.

Highlights from this interview:

Are we in the midst of the largest financial bubble in American history?

What will happen when this bubble bursts?

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Why are central banks continuing to buy gold?

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Is the era of fiat currencies ending?

What are the other currencies that could put the US dollar reserve currency status in jeopardy?

What will be the financial tipping point, according to Peter Grandich?

Is Peter convinced that there is no longer any middle ground in the United States, and is this due to the political ideologies or the rising wealth disparity? Or perhaps both?

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With so much market instability, gold remains unloved, under-owned, and unwanted, so why is it still the best time to OWN GOLD NOW?



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