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● As waves of homeless descend onto trains, L.A. tries a new strategy: social workers on the subway.

 ● ‘Simply unacceptable’: Shocking footage of junkies taking over San Francisco BART station, and openly shooting up in front of commuters, sparks the mayor to take action

See also  Senate Republicans filibuster and BLOCK Democrat bill that would have changed federal election law and made voting day a national holiday

● 800,000 people are about to flee New York and California because of taxes, say economists.

Take it from someone who fled in 2016 — it’s not just the taxes. As Kate of Canada’s Small Dead Animals blog titles her recurring posts on California craziness, “O, Sweet Saint Of San Andreas, Hear My Prayer.”

See also  “You Should Have Asked Questions Your Viewers Care About” – Democrat Terry McAuliffe Abruptly Ends Interview, Berated A Reporter For Asking Tough Questions.



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