‘Left-Leaning’ Man Threatened to ‘Blow Up’ Conservative Student Conference.

A Chicago man was arrested for allegedly threatening to “shoot” and “blow up” a conference of conservative high school students.

Last month’s High School Leadership Summit at Washington D.C.’s George Washington University made waves in the mainstream media due to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ repeat of the phrase “lock her up” in response to students’ chants of same.

According to ABC News, Micah Cohen apparently took offense to this (and more), and posted on Twitter that he was “on his way […] to greet the nice conservative teenagers.” He followed this up with “I’m riding through D.C. [to] go and shoot GWU up … We gon’ come and blow GWU up.”

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The man who threatened Rep. Steve Scalise and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers last week allegedly had different types of ammunition, materials and instructions on how to build bombs.

The man, Carlos Bayon, 63, was charged by criminal complaint with interstate communication of a threat. Bayon left Scalise a message on June 30 claiming he would make the congressman “pay,” promising to feed him and the people that sent him to Washington “lead.”

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We’ve been hearing a lot about “right-wing violence” lately. If we’re to believe our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters, there’s a Klansman on every street corner and a Nazi under every bed. There’s nothing more terrifying than a “white nationalist” who lives in his mom’s basement, which is why it’s okay for feral Antifa children to beat these guys up and drench them with balloons filled with piss. It’s “self-defense.”

But what happens when an act of violence is irrefutably motivated by left-wing ideology? What happens if, for example, a Bernie Bro named James T. Hodgkinson shoots at a bunch of congressmen for the explicit reason that he hates Republicans and wants them dead? How do we fit that into the preferred narrative?

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