Why are lefty organizations so awful to their working class employees?

IT’S KAFKAS ALL THE WAY DOWN: Smith College investigates employee for following its own procedures on ‘suspicious behavior.’

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Report all incidents, ‘no matter how insignificant’

If you see something, say something.

It’s not only an annoying but toothless order from the Department of Homeland Security – it’s the official policy of Smith College.

And the elite women’s school may punish an employee for doing exactly what it tells employees to do.

Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe notes the cognitive dissonance at Smith in response to an incident where a school employee saw what appeared to be a young man (at a women’s college) lounging in a common area (during the summer, when students are gone) in an otherwise empty building.

As the world knows by now, because the slightest alleged racial element of any interaction makes it international news, the employee called the campus police to see who this black person was. There’s nothing remotely racial about the report, as evidenced by the transcript, which ends with the officer reporting back that the person was “a student relaxing in the living room.”

Indeed, Smith has not said what race the employee is.

Student Oumou Kanoute is actually female, but you can see from her hairstyle on her Facebook page how the employee could have mistaken the sophomore Kanoute for a young man with a quick glance and not a lingering glare. She looks young enough to be in high school.

With no evidence, the teaching assistant and residential advisor claimed on Facebook last week that the incident was an example of racism.

Kanoute said the staffer was white, which will be embarrassing if she’s also wrong. She even acknowledged that she was identified as a young male – at a women’s college during the summer, in an otherwise empty building – in the call to campus police.

She’s demanding that Smith identify this person who accidentally misgendered her in a police report, in a transparent attempt to sic a vicious mob on this poor soul … who was following Smith College policy.

The Globe‘s Jacoby notes what utter BS this is. . . .

Smith’s response was, of course, measured and nuanced: It put the employee on leave and will most likely surrender to the mob by firing or paying off this person to leave campus. To handle its investigation, it hired a law firm whose founder has a curious definition of sexual assault.

President Kathleen McCartney’s statement to the community makes clear that the outcome of the investigation is predetermined and it will ignore its own safety policies.


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