Why are millennials gravitating towards Republicans?



DAILYKENN.com — Breitbart says the far left can’t count on young adults backing the Democrats come November, 2018.

The far left has always depended on young inexperienced voters to back their hair-brained agenda on election day.

2018’s election may be an exception.

Reasons? We can only speculate.

It may be related to the Flynn Effect, a phenomenon in which the world’s collective intelligence is slowly rising.

It may have to do with the far left’s obsession with massacring millions of human; 652,639 induced abortions in the United States each year and supporting the world’s deadliest hate group: Islam.

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It may be related to the successive successes of Donald Trump. The economy is on a roar and unemployment is at record lows.

It may be due to failed immigration policies. Polls throughout the Western world reveal that voters first concern is the destruction of Western culture through insane refugee laws.

From Breitbart ▼

A recent Reuters poll also found that support for Democrats among millennials aged 18 to 34 “slipped by about 9 percentage points over the past two years.” In addition, the extensive Reuters survey found that millennials are increasingly saying that “the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy.”

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Reuters interviewed “Terry Hood, 34, an African-American who works at a Dollar General store in Baton Rouge.”

Hood told the outlet that though he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, he was open to voting for a Republican for Congress in the midterms “because he believes the party is making it easier to find jobs and he applauds the recent Republican-led tax cut.”

“It sounds strange to me to say this about the Republicans, but they’re helping with even the small things,” Hood told Reuters. “They’re taking less taxes out of my paycheck. I notice that.”


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