Why are most people BROKE?

by AC


I always ponder this question. I grew up poor in a third world country and like most of us.. We come to America because of the opportunities to make money and live a better life.

I never went to school and have a 7th grade education but I make way more money than almost every college graduate I meet.

Why is this? I never understood it because its SO easy to make money in America. This place is loaded with wealth! And the funny thing is making money in America is easier than learning your ABCs and the reality is.. people are BROKE.

When I was 16 I made more money than every single kids at the school I was attending and it had over 3000 kids (public school) I never payed attention to the teachers and failed every class because I didnt ever see how what they taught could help me in life.

Its funny to me because today I enjoy learning about everything even the school work I didnt care for. But thats my hobby I would hate to learn that stuff to be graded and get a passing grade. I learn it because I have a deep interest in learning.

But yeah, why are people broke in america when money is super easy to make. It makes no sense to me how people work hours and make $40 a day doing what they do at jobs when they could literally find 20 people in the world out of 8 billion and sell them something that give them $1000 profit which can be done in a day with everyone being connected online.

At 18 I bought a $500 car on craigslist and resold it for $1000 making $500 profit and I just repeated it but I got sick of making $500 every 2 days so I took the profit and bought $3000 cars and sold them for $5000 making $2000 every week.

Why the hell are people broke or borrowing from the bank to get a freaking degree?

Its obvious they dont try but they do complain about being always broke and sick of working.. To me that’s a slaves mentality.

I would think during slavery from what i gather that even the slaves did not know they were slaves. It has something to do with being “turned out” like a prostitute.

Why live this way unless you are turned out and believe you are doing your own thing? Reality is… These slaves have been trained to think and to think they are special. Some even would get cocky to others because they make a extra $100 on a paycheck feeling better than the other guy. Weird to me, like REALLY weird that people walk around this way.


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