Why Are Republicans Talking About a Trump Impeachment?

By Gabrielle Seunagal

The recent firing of (former) FBI Director James Comey has apparently prompted Republican leaders to discuss the possibility of President Trump facing impeachment. This talk stems from speculations about whether or not the President fired Comey as a means of halting an investigation into former national security advisor, Michael Flynn. On Wednesday, Justin Amash stated that the validity of such rumors would merit a Trump impeachment.


It is absolutely preposterous to suggest that President Trump had ulterior motives for firing Comey. The man was terminated due to poor performance and it is worth noting that Amash, who suggested the idea of a Trump impeachment, also joined forces with Democratic leaders to investigate Russia’s so called involvement in the 2016 election. This is a prime example of Democratic and Republican establishment members’ fear of President Trump. The Russian conspiracy theories and Comey canards are absurd.

The same “Republicans” who are now hinting at the President being impeached are the ones who claimed he never had a shot at securing the GOP nomination or winning the election. President Trump has not breached any laws and the notion of an impeachment is absolutely absurd. The political establishments on both sides of the aisle worked tirelessly to undermine Mr. Trump during his campaign for office. They failed then and will continue to fail now. The Commander in Chief is an outsider with genuine love and passion this nation and he cannot be bought or intimidated. The President is the establishment’s worst fear and the greatest ally of the American people.