Why Are They Still Pushing the Global Warming Hoax When We Have Real Problems to Take Care Of?

by Chris Black

That’s a good question actually. I mean, we have economic problems, unchecked immigration, untold numbers of vax deaths,  all kinds of shortages, war in Europe, you know, the thing.

And yet, that abused child is still allowed (encouraged even) to give speeches before packed stadiums, claiming that everyone on earth must talk about global warming everywhere, forever.

This is bizarre to say the least.

Global warming is fake and gay.

Here’s the deal: manmade carbon is a tiny fraction of atmospheric carbon, carbon is a tiny fraction of the total greenhouse gasses, greenhouse gases are a tiny fraction of the contributing factors to earth’s temperature.

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The primary driver of the earth’s temperature is the sun itself.

We are at the end of an ice age; the planet goes through cycles of heating and cooling relating to the sun’s heat fluctuations. Over a period of some hundreds or thousands of years, the polar ice caps might completely melt.

That’s normal and fine.

A warmer planet will have a longer growing season, and allow for more area to be planted.

It’s really amazing how stupid people are, and it’s frankly alienating.


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