Why Cannabis & Hemp Are The NEXT BIG THING! – Market Is Set To SKYROCKET

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Lucas Birdsall, a strategic advisor at International Cannabis Corp (ICC) about the growth of the cannabis and hemp markets and how early on it is, with great amount of room to grow.
As far as the hemp market goes, countless huge corporations are utilizing hemp materials and it’s hard to go to a grocery store today without seeing hemp products everywhere. Molson-Coors, Altria Group, Constellation Brands, Coca-Cola, many others are all getting involved in the hemp market! Carl’s Jr is now testing a CBD infused burger!
Medical cannabis is becoming far more mainstream and understood today and lineups outside of dispensaries are growing longer and longer.
This is all a sign of a massive market about to take off even further in our opinion. Hemp can be used in pretty much everything and after being stifled by government for so long, it is finally being “allowed” to make a move and it’s got a lot of catching up to do!
Lucas talks about this massive opportunity going forward and talking about ICC International Cannabis Corp which just made a massive deal with Wayland, closing an acquisition deal of 49.9% of their portfolio.
ICC is announcing their major steps to begin marketing under very strong brand names as well. With a competitive advantage and their work securing markets in many countries around the world, these guys are worth paying attention to as we have reported on in the past as well, last time we interviewed Lucas.

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