Why Can’t Conservatives Understand Concepts as Simple as National Character and Group Interests?

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by Chris Black

The “legal” versus “illegal” immigration debate just never dies, thanks to the conservative fixation on “doing things the right way.”

A scab worker is a scab worker.

 These foreign workers come to America so they can undercut the American workforce. 

It doesn’t make it any more moral or acceptable for them to do it “legally,” and in some ways “legal” immigration is actually worse because it means the government is playing an active role in facilitating the import of said scab labor.

When some Indian or Chinese national gets an H1B visa and takes a tech job an American could have done, that’s scab labor. 

I don’t care how many rubber stamps are put on it. 

There is an entire generation of disaffected Americans facing the worst economic prospects we’ve seen since the Great Depression. 

What are these politicians doing to serve the interests of these young Americans or secure their future? 

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Absolutely nothing. 

There’s foreign labor to import.

The reason young Americans don’t want to do certain jobs is because those jobs don’t fairly compensate them for their time.

These employers are allowed to capitalize on this by importing foreign replacements under the auspices that they “can’t find anyone qualified for the jobs.”

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That’s what makes these foreign workers true scabs. 

We know that people will do a job more enthusiastically and effectively if you compensate them better. But these employers have front-loaded poverty wages into their business models, and the government holds their hand as they do it.

We are also facing the reality that in the case of low-skill, low-IQ illegal migrant labor, many of those jobs—such as farm labor—can and will be automated very soon.

What happens when there are no longer any jobs that these people are capable of doing?

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 They become dependents on the system to an even greater degree than they already are.

Republicans don’t care about this because in the short term, their corporate buddies will receive a profit windfall from the cheap labor.

Leftists often invoke the idea that “immigration opponents blame migrants instead of big business,” but this is just false dialectic.

Big business wants cheap labor so they lobby the government to provide it for them in the form of economic migrants

Those migrants then enthusiastically come in, with the assistance of the government, to provide that cheap labor.

No part of the equation can be removed or ignored.

 The corporate and governmental institutions work in concert with one another to import replacement workers.

Leftists, perpetual idiots that they are, don’t understand that conservatives are actually their allies on this matter. 

They are just unsatisfied with the conservative distinction between “legal” and “illegal.”


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