CNN is overjoyed with the recent developments at Facebook! FURIOUS over Trump’s defense of Paul Joseph Watson

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CNN FURIOUS Over Trump’s Defense Of Paul Joseph Watson. Following Trump’s defense of Paul Joseph Watson after facebook banned him, CNN reporter Oliver Darcy tweeted in outrage over the actions of the president. In a story he wrote on CNN he published overt and obvious fake news lies from Facebook about how they take action.

Later in the story Darcy even parrots activist rhetoric about social media censorship, “private platforms,” and free speech. While the first amendment doesn’t protect people from private censorship, freedom of speech is a universal principal not a law regardless of the 1st amendment

The article from CNN was an activist opinion piece masquerading as fact and along with rhetoric and actions from CNN reporters it seems like CNN is actively trying to get conservatives and anti establishment media banned from various platforms.

This isn’t the first time CNN played a role in getting someone banned and it likely won’t be the left as CNN chases after far left activists rhetoric and agenda.

Collin Rugg from I Love My Freedom reports, The Left’s sympathy towards far Left terror groups continues. On Monday, CNN host Chris Cuomo praised the far left terror group Antifa and claimed the group had “a good cause.”

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