Why Did President Trump Sack Steve Bannon?

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Earlier today, President Trump made headlines after he essentially fired Steve Bannon from his position as the National Security Council. A senior Trump administration official reported to Fox News that Bannon’s canning was engendered by General McMaster’s success in restoring the NSC to its ‘proper function.’ Despite Bannon’s termination, he is still allowed to attend NSC meetings and Vice President Pence announced that the President’s decision was not considered as a demotion for Bannon, but merely a necessary course of action taken to ensure the best interests of the National Security Council’s organization.
Despite the Vice President’s claims, White House officials reported that Bannon “resisted” the change and even threatened to quit. However, Bannon’s camp tells a different story and alleges that the termination was merely an innate shift and did not reflect negatively on the former National Security Council member. Regardless of the true nature of Bannon’s sacking, his plethora of enemies inside and outside of the White House are apparently celebrating his fall from grace. Several people stated that Bannon had no place in the principal’s committee and removing him was the right call.

What’s next for Steve Bannon? Well, he will remain in the White House and hold a senior position. Critics believe that Bannon’s sacking serves as evidence that the power structure in the Trump administration, and even in the White House, is changing. CNN asserted that nothing is “set in stone” with President Trump and believes that Bannon’s power in the Trump administration may be restored.