Why did the West Only Go to Shit After WW2 and Not Before?

by Chris Black

TL;DR answer:

WW2 was the final victory of the globalist cartel over nationalism.

 It was regime change. 

They had been trying to subversively wrestle power from Western elites for centuries and finally succeeded. With pesky nationalists and traditional elites off the way (or indoctrinated) they could get to work building the NWO and forcing their vision upon humanity (homosex mocha world).

Longer answer:

The main cause is pretty simple: Subversion, conquest, and occupation by a hostile elite.

Everything went to shit in the West after WW2 but that’s only because the foundations for making everything go to shit were laid before WW2.

It’s a huge mistake to discount the genealogical approach because almost all of our problems today are the end result of ~200 years of highly organized subversion.

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 If anything, discounting pre-20th Century events removes agency from history.

If you look at the history of globalist orgs like the United Nations, you see the same names and belief systems recurring time and time again (including some weird connections like Theosophy and Quakerism), many of which remain powerful and influential to this day.

These people worked tirelessly to subvert the Western elite for generation after generation, creating societies and NGOs, colonizing colleges, etc. 

The Frankfurt School only found a home at Columbia University because it was already infested with Leftists.

The shit that they peddle to the masses today was peddled to Western elites 100 years ago, e.g. trying to normalize sexual revolution: 


Now it’s their great-great-grandkids causing the same problems. They do this shit whenever they take power. 

They did it in Weimar Germany, they did it in Bolshevik Russia, now they’re doing it throughout the entire West.

Major difference today is that these problems have been exacerbated immensely by Third Industrial Revolution technologies (e.g. internet), which often have weird glowie/globalist origins.


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