Why Do Democrats Defend Illegal Aliens Against Americans?

by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty; Why is Pelosi demanding same-day registration to vote? Is this so they don’t have time to check who they really are?


ANSWER: Yes. Pelosi and the Democrats want to protect illegal aliens and the objective is to allow them to vote. This is an old political dream. I have told how I had the mandate from Hong Kong to try to negotiate with the Australian government that they could buy land and move their sovereignty. I met with the former Prime Minister of Australian Paul Keating. No matter what I offered, I could not strike a deal. I then asked if we could agree on them taking part in the land in the upper left-hand corner of Australian to move in bulk. He rejected that idea as well. I finally asked if this was a racist issue. He, at last, explained that they were fleeing communism so they would vote conservative and upset the balance of power in Australia.

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This is what the Democrats are up to. You have states like New York and California protecting illegal aliens who do not vote or pay taxes. So why are they so determined to issue these people IDs and to try to sneak them in for voting? The Democrats know they are losing. Their solution is to support illegal aliens who will then vote for them against Americans who actually work and pay taxes. This has become a completely deranged political agenda – just win at all costs.

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