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State Sen. John Liu clashes with Richard Carranza over NYC Department of Education treatment of Asian New Yorkers.

State Sen. John Liu ripped city schools chief Richard Carranza in Albany Tuesday for the chancellor’s treatment of Asian New Yorkers.

“You’ve got a city of 8.5 million people, you’ve got 1.2 million school kids, you’ve got to be chancellor for everybody,” Liu, the Senate’s Education Committee chair, told Carranza at a hearing. “You think you’re a chancellor for everybody?”

“Absolutely, sir,” Carranza replied.

“You think you might have some issues in the Asian American community?” Liu asked pointedly.

“I’m working hard to bridge whatever issues there exists in any one of our communities, even if there are individuals in lots of communities that do not like the equity agenda …,” Carranza replied, suggesting that the tensions stem from opposition to his school diversification efforts.

Carranza doubled down as Liu pressed the issue.

“There are voices that are working against that agenda and I’m going to continue to be a chancellor for all students . . .  I’m not running for office, I’m not elected to office, I serve the children.”

That answer appeared to irk Liu, who said Asian suspicions of Carranza were a direct result of offensive DOE actions against the community.

The tense exchange came after a Twitter skirmish between the two men late last month after Carranza abruptly left a rowdy Queens community meeting. Liu chided him for leaving while Carranza said he wasn’t at the gathering and didn’t know what happened.


Democrats don’t like high-achieving members of some minority groups. That suggests that Asians don’t need special help and set-asides to thrive in school. Therefore, Asians are considered white for academic purposes. They’ve been doing this for years in California. None of this is reason enough for most Asians to stop voting for Democrats, though.



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