Why Do These Mass Shootings Only Happen in America?

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by Chris Black

Cops listened to a gunman shooting up a school full of children for 40 minutes before anything was done.

And now they want your guns.

This was actually funny:


Ted Cruz was asked by a reporter from Sky News why mass shootings only happen in America. 

He couldn’t answer the question.

However, that’s a good question.

Here are some reasons:

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-America has the most guns per capita in the world

-if you have money, it’s very easy to buy whatever illegal weapon

-America is the most liberal/progressive country ever

-America has the world’s highest rate of prescription psychotropic drug use

-America has the world’s highest rate of untreated mental illness

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-America is one of the most pornography-riddled countries

-America has one of the highest divorce rates in the world

-America has the highest rate of children living in single-parent homes

-America has the least social cohesiveness as a result of being the most diverse country in the world

– America has a mass intelligence apparatus with a well-documented history of running amoral psychological operations against their own population (MK Ultra)

Now, take your pick.

 The interesting thing is that no politician will ask why mass shootings are an American staple.

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The obvious conclusion is that politicians don’t want these shootings investigated. 

Everyone who tried to do their own investigation of Sandy Hook got sued with a totally new form of civil lawsuit. 

What happened to the investigation of the Vegas shooter? Remember when that Mexican security guard who allegedly stopped him fled to Mexico, then was dragged back to film a bizarre hostage style interview on Ellen?

It’s been known for decades that SSRI drugs drastically increase the likelihood of both suicide and murder, then you just have the entire social order, starting with feminism and the destruction of the family, which is designed to destroy human beings.

 The Texas shooter was from a broken family, living with his grandparents, and was probably also being treated for mental health problems.

I would love to see how mass shootings intersect with loneliness, mental illness and social atomization in advanced liberal societies.


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