Why does Google keep failing new products?

by AnnaDelveyloper

They’re going to shut down Stadia now.

I’ve never seen another company fail so miserably at so many products outside their core competency, it’s like a meme now.

Is this poor management? Poor vision from the top? I don’t think it’s poor technical execution. Poor marketing/brand? Poor creativity (they never seem to be the first to market, only copying others after they’re successful)?

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Also, what was the last successful product they launched?

EDIT Some discussion on r/technologywww.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/xrbyfm/google_is_shutting_down_stadia/ Looks like the consensus there is everyone knows Google has commitment issues, so why bother using their new stuff? Catch-22

Isn’t it common wisdom that there’s no such thing as an overnight success in the personal realm? Why does Google management believe in overnight successes in the business world? In this sense, I respect Mark Zuckerberg, he believes in his vision and commits to it. Same with Elon Musk, when everyone was saying Tesla was a big failure on the verge of bankruptcy, he went all-in.


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