Why Everyone Will Just Keep Doing What They’re Doing Until the System Breaks

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The Next Financial Crisis Is Right on Schedule (2019)

Neither small business nor the bottom 90% of households can afford this “best economy ever.”
After 10 years of unprecedented goosing, some of the real economy is finally overheating: costs are heating up, unemployment is at historic lows, small business optimism is high, and so on–all classic indicators that the top of this cycle is in.
Financial assets have been goosed to record highs in the everything bubble.Buy the dip has worked in stocks, bonds and real estate–what’s not to like?

Fed’s Brainard: We’ll Invert the Yield Curve With Rate Hikes, and That’s Fine

There has been no better historical predictor of recession than an inverted yield curve. The Fed’s Lael Brainard insists that even though an inverted yield curve has always predicted a recession every time it has occurred for the past 60 years, “This time it’s different.”

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Former UK PM: “World Is Sleepwalking Into Next Financial Crisis”

Gordon Brown says the obvious outcome of failing to address any of the root causes of the last financial crisis is a near-guarantee it will repeat. “The penalties for wrong-doing have not been increased sufficiently. The fear that bankers will be imprisoned for bad behavior is not there.”


Mortgage Broke-er: Industry Layoffs as Mortgage Refinancings Hit 18-Year Low

Who in the world would refinance now, with 30-year rates nearing 5%, after they had so long to do so more cheaply? Only the most last-ditch desperate who need to cash out any equity they have to keep thei heads above water, despite locking themselves into the worst rates in six years.

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$250 Trillion in Debt: the World’s Post-Lehman Legacy

Bloomberg4 hours ago
Global debt has ballooned over the past two decades: from $84 trillion at the turn of the ….. Sovereign governments, meanwhile, are in uncharted territory.

Why Americans still feel financially unwell 10 years after crash

Financial Times10 hours ago
By the end of July, according to Mercer, the consultancy, the aggregate deficit of pension plans for companies in the S&P 1500 index came to $193bn, so this is …

India’s Shadow-Bank Bust Has a Lehman Echo

Bloomberg13 hours ago

That’s only to be expected: On the hook for the group’s $12.5 billion debt are banks and mutual funds. (IL&FS itself is a motley collection of shadow lenders that .

Holes in Swiss property market ring mortgage alarm bells

Nasdaq5 hours ago
“Many private (investors) are taking on a lot of debt.” … covering the value of the loans, which would imply outright losses for the bank in the event of default.”.

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