Why February 2020 will be known as the month when Trump was reelected

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by scooterdog

Tammy Bruce (Washington Times columnist) wrote this piece (found on Fox News) that I’ll put in chronological order and add a few links and other items for good measure.

  • Jan 29 2020: Don Lemon taping a campaign ad for Trump’s re-election making fun of ‘rubes’ and lines on a map. here’s Tucker and Mark Steyn’s commentary with a clip of the original. The RNC made an advertisement that is devastating – with a tagline, ‘They think you are a joke.’
  • Feb 3: 30% less Democrats show up for the Iowa Caucus in 2020 compared to 2008 (Obama running in the primary for the first time). Then Democrats demonstrate they cannot organize a ‘three car funeral’ (per Chris Matthews) in Iowa.
  • Feb 4: Trump delivers one of the finest SOTU addresses ever, recognizing a broad swath of remarkable Americans and guests (Janiyah Davis a 4th grader from Philly going to a charter school, Juan Guaido from Venezuela, Kelli Hake who lost her seargent husband in Iraq, Jody Jones whose brother was killed by an illegal immigrant, Tuskeegee Airman Charles McGee, not to mention Rush…)
  • Feb 5: The Senate votes for complete acquittal over the articles of impeachment, turning the impeachment process into a crass partisan political tool that set a terrible precedent
  • Feb 9: The Academy Award show delivers 20% less viewers, an all-time low, 31% less in the 25 to 54 ‘preferred’ demographic, as Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe comments go unheeded by the Hollywood Left.
  • The economy roars along, continued record-low unemployment, the highest consumer sentiment in 15 years, 60% of Americans say ‘Hell, Yes, we’re better off now than 4 years ago‘, the stock market (again) this week reaches an all-time high
  • Feb 11: Loyal 20-y NH Democrat gets her eyes opened by the attendees at the NH Trump rally, and switches party affiliation to Independent. “I think the Democrats have an ass-kicking coming to them in November”.

Hmm, I see it is only mid-February, and there’s still another two weeks to go for the Democrat’s terrible, no-good, very bad month comes to an end.



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