Why governments have been slow to legalize marijuana?

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by PoliticallyAverse
I love that more people are focusing on the actual root problems we have, such as the pharmaceutical companies and the shill doctors they bribe.
Pharmaceutical companies, the Beer and Liquor industry, police unions, and private prisons all oppose marijuana legalization. That is the main reason why governments have been slow to legalize it. There are too many bought off politicians.
A 2014 study showed a significant decrease in deaths from opiates where marijuana was made legal. Marijuana puts a direct hit in the profits from pharmaceutical companies.
The pharmaceutical lobbies have also opposed DEA enforcement in the US against corrupt doctors and pharmaceutical companies.What we basically have is “legalized heroin” in the US, and slow legalization of marijuana. It’s a completely backwards system.
Also see this: Oxycontin Maker Quietly Worked to Weaken Legal Doctrine That Could Lead to Jail Time for Executives
Links on bribery of doctors, and this is not just limited to opiate medications:

The same goes for anti depressants.

ADHD meds.

How the science on this has been corrupted:



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