Why Is A Former Monsanto Vice President Running the FDA? Michael R. Taylor was was promoted to Commissioner of the FDA after spending years lobbying for the GMO Foods giant. The position affords Taylor the ability to sign off of any cancer-causing, harmful agent produced by Monsanto.

Monsanto Controls both the White House and the US Congress

No Matter Who Wins the Presidential Election Monsanto Benefits

This incisive article by Josh Sager published one month before the November 2012 US presidential elections carefully documents how Monsanto has cornered the US political system.
Whoever gets in,  Monsanto’s interests will be served.
Moreover, Monsanto also controls key appointments to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

In the 2012 presidential election, the American people will have to choose between incumbent President Barack Obama (D) and Mitt Romney (R). With this choice, the American public will determine who sets the tone for national policy and is given power over the executive branch of our government. There are many ways to look at the prospective presidential candidates, but one is to look at their past actions and affiliations in order to predict how they will act in the future; in this article, I will discuss the past actions of both current President Barack Obama and candidate Mitt Romney in relation to the agro-giant Monsanto Corporation.
As Obama has already served a term as president, there is little guessing required to predict what he will do in regard to Monsanto if he is given a second term—his actions speak louder than any speeches. A politician may rhetorically support one thing during speaking engagements, but what truly matters are their actual policy choices rather than scripted comments. Throughout his first term, President Obama has presided over the passage of several Monsanto-friendly legislative initiatives and has appointed numerous people associated with Monsanto to high-level positions.

While there are numerous points of overlap between Monsanto and the United States Government under the Obama administration, the three most important connections are that of Michael Taylor, Roger, Beachy, and Islam Siddiqui—all three of these Monsanto affiliates were appointed to high level positions within the government by the Obama administration.
The Obama administration appointed Michael Taylor, the previous vice president of Monsanto and a current Monsanto lobbyist, to a high level advisory role at the Food and Drug Administration [FDA]. It is virtually inarguable that this appointment constitutes a massive boon for Monsanto and an undeniable conflict of interest for Taylor. Given the fact that Taylor is a lobbyist for Monsanto and is being paid by the agro-giant, it is reasonable to assume that his advice to the FDA is focused upon helping his employer reduce its regulatory burden and improve its profitability. It isn’t a secret who Taylor worked for and we can assume that the Obama administration knew who they were appointing when they did it.
According to his Wiki page, Michael R. Taylor is the POSTER BOY for the revolving-door bureaucracy that has run Washington for decades.

In 1976, after passing the bar examination, Taylor became a staff attorney for the FDA, where he was executive assistant to the Commissioner …


In 1981 he went into private practice at King & Spalding, a law firm, one client of which was the biotechnology companyMonsanto,[3] where he established and led the firm’s food and drug law practice


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On July 17, 1991, Michael Taylor left King & Spalding, returning to the FDA to fill the newly created post of Deputy Commissioner for Policy …


Between 1994 and 1996 he moved to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), where he was Administrator of the Food Safety & Inspection Service


Between 1996 and 2000, after** briefly returning to King & Spalding, he then **went to work for Monsanto as a Vice President for Public Policy …


In June 2000 he joined the think tank Resources for the Future in the position of Senior Fellow and Director of RFF’s Center for Risk Management …
Taylor has been a professor at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine[20] and in 2007 he became a Research Professor of Health Policy at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.


On July 7, 2009, Taylor once again returned to government as Senior Advisor to the FDA Commissioner.[21] And on January 13, 2010, he was appointed to another newly created post at the FDA, this time as Deputy Commissioner for Foods.

Monsanto/Michael R. Taylor is to the FDA/USDA as Goldman Sachs/Henry Paulson is to the Treasury Department.
Little wonder that we are being repeatedly robbed, poisoned and dispossessed of the country that our forefathers built, eh?


13 thoughts on “Why Is A Former Monsanto Vice President Running the FDA? Michael R. Taylor was was promoted to Commissioner of the FDA after spending years lobbying for the GMO Foods giant. The position affords Taylor the ability to sign off of any cancer-causing, harmful agent produced by Monsanto.”

  1. “Why Is A Former Monsanto Vice President Running the FDA?”
    Because this is how it works in Washington.
    Only an idiot – or an American – can’t see nor grasp this.

  2. THIS is the epitome of the problem with having a Corporate Government…..The revolving door of politics/government positions. As Government employees and/or politicians and Corporate leaders end the terms of duties, they have free range to occupy positions in all sectors of the current system usually determined by the level of donations to political figures or offices if in the Corporate sector and compliance with lobby desires in the political arena. These people are free to move into whatever position will better serve the Corporate establishment of government.

  3. This guy will assist the one tiny group who has taken upon themselves the job of killing off most of the others in the population so humans can’t soil their planet anymore than is required for the remaining slaves to be able to service the masters.But they need to kill slowly so the dying leave empty.

  4. I really have no idea but wanted to put this thought out: Maybe he is working within the system as an earnest person trying to influence a complex relationship with his expertise seeing both sides for years? Naaaaahhhh. Evil corporate scumbag by default, right? Maybe the “flip” and “flop” are actually beneficial experiences to helping solve extremely complex issues?

  5. I took a look at Michael Taylor – his picture and his C.V. which accented his previous positions held at FDA over a period of time and his admittedly strong academic credentials qualifying him for the NEWLY CREATED position. FDA Deputy Commissioner of Food and Veterinary Medicine position was created and filled by the Obama administration..
    What was definitely de-emphasized in the artful resume was that his periods of employment at the FDA primarily alternated with positions working for Monsanto, their consultants, or with their legal counsel. He must have done something right because he was elevated to Vice President of Public Policy for Monsanto. And remember he is an attorney. And what are attorneys trained to do? That’s right. Subvert the legal system.
    Okay, on the surface it would appear that this is a definite screw up and conflict of interest as this article states. BUT, this could have been a man who has seen how the dark side operates and has had an epiphany of some sort and intends to shine a light on it, root out the evil. Looking at his face, it could go either way. So we have to look at his record.
    Is Michael Taylor a savior or a sell-out?
    Taylor took that position with FDA in 2009. Have we seen improvements in any tangible way?
    Well, food safety is certainly problematic to many Americans. We have seen FDA approval of farmed salmon, genetically engineered, and no labeling allowed to let us know. About 97% of corn, the base of our food chain, is GM now, I read on several reputable sites, for example Lots of other basic foods too. Did you know
    GMO Foods List: Top 10 Worst Foods
    Corn. One of the most prominent GMO foods, avoiding corn is a no-brainer. …
    Found in tofu, vegetarian products, soybean oil, soy flour, and
    numerous other products, soy is also modified to resist herbicides. …
    Sugar. …
    Aspartame. …
    Papayas. …
    Canola. …
    Cotton. …
    Also zucchini and yellow squash (to resist viruses)
    We are prohibited from knowing if the can or package or box of pasta we are buying is a GM product so we can make an informed decision. We essentially were told in November 2015 by the Generic Mr. FDA, “They are perfectly safe and we aren’t going to label it, you don’t need to know, now go outside and play and forgeddaboudit.” There wasn’t a name attached to that blanket statement, just “The FDA announced…” Exactly who IS making these decisions anyway?
    OTHER bones that are being picked:
    Failure to require labeling of GM foods (Already mentioned)
    Failure to recognize the scaled-down safety needs of small farmers
    Failure to enforce and punish food safety violations by large producers
    Unfair enforcement of food safety procedures against small producers
    Clamping down on raw milk producers
    Continuing attempts to regulate vitamins to the point of making them prescription drugs. (That I heard on PBS. Guess that was a tip of the hat to Big Pharma 🙂
    Melamine in dog food ingredients imported from China
    Ground up euthanized animals rendered and added to dog food as “protein and filler.”
    Apparently no control over the skyrocketing cost of medicines for pets and a whole lot of adverse reactions resulting in deaths of our furry friends and no accountability.
    In the meantime lots of petitions are online to fire Michael Taylor along with suits about agency transparency filed by journalists who apparently are prohibited from talking to staff members without a note from an agency official (that one is thanks to Bush I read)..
    Okay, he supposedly did a wonderful job at USDA to make meat safe. That’s one for him.
    And the nutrition labels on food have certainly improved. That’s two.
    But it looks like the rest of the things people are REALLY worried about are an epic fail.
    But really we need to know WHO IS MR. FDA really and why won’t he come from behind the curtain? Maybe Taylor was hired as a sort of corporate beard. Or a scapegoat.
    Safe to say, though, the FDA HAS been kept seriously underfunded. But I’m betting there’s a LOT of wasted time and BS instead of just doing the job.
    And then four or five MORE hirees from Big Pharma and Monsanto have magically appeared at the FDA. Who is responsible for THAT?
    In conclusion I have to say, either Mr.Taylor needs to be replaced or a ROARING fire needs to be lit under him. the FDA needs to DEMAND funding.
    Their/His performance is atrocious.
    A savior he apparently is not.

  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with GMO foods, and the people that
    attack GMO foods are the ones that are evil, not the companies that
    produce GMOs. Golden rice is a GMO food designed to save third world
    children from vitamin A deficiency, blindness, and death; but ignorant
    activists such as Green Peace have systematically destroyed fields of
    golden rice fortified with beta carotene, leaving many children to
    suffer. Natural casabas contain dangerous amounts of natural cyanide,
    leaving many Africans sick; but GM casabas reduce cyanide and fortify
    the food with essential nutrients not normally found in casabas. A
    disease spread by aphids was destroying the papaya crop in Hawaii, but a
    GM papaya (adding a vaccination to its engineering) was introduced
    there that saved the crop. Are we so unscientific that we start banning
    vaccinations? GMO activists intimidated the makers of Cheerios to stop
    using sugar from genetically modified sugar beets; they started using
    sugar from natural sugar beets. But sugar is sugar. Cheerios’ spokesman
    even stated that both kinds of Cheerios are equally healthy (and both
    are identical chemically), but they “wanted to please their customers.”
    The study often cited against GM foods is junk science. They used only 10
    rats already predisposed to develop tumors, and only tested one GMO
    food. The fact is that we have already consumed trillions of meals with
    GMO foods and had no ill effects. Genetic modification is a process, not
    a thing; so the things they produce are just as natural as anything
    else. Everything in nature is genetically engineered. Is a person who is
    conceived by invitro fertilization any less of human being than the a
    person conceived naturally? If the GMO protestors and the author of
    this article actually took a few genetics courses, perhaps they would
    have something intelligent to say about GMOs.

    • If you actually looked into some Monsanto’s practices maybe you would think differently. They started as a chemical company and were responsible for agent orange. They are literally trying to monopolize the food industry and putting honest farmers out of work. Trying to privatize the world water supply for profit. Getting Washington to rewrite laws so they can get away with not labelling their poisons. Decimating the Bee population with GMO crops. But it’s all propaganda right? If you can’t see the conflict of interest in allowing execs from powerful corporations from getting government positions then you’re a fool. It’s no different than Oil execs going to work for the clean air commission. Or an exec from Waste Management going to work for a major Recycling Company. Oil execs that blocked the Electric car for years among other things or Waste execs who refuse to bring in styrofoam recycling programs so they can make $$$ mining it out of landfills in the future. No harm done there. Keep drinking high fructose corn syrup, it’s good for you.

      • It is absurd to think that Monsanto will monopolize the food industry. As long as there is sufficient demand for non-GMO food, non-GMO food producers will continue to thrive. Farmers are free to buy either GMO seeds from Monsanto & Syngenta or get organic seeds from other sources or BOTH: they should do want makes them more profitable (in other words, what the consumers really want). I see nothing wrong with privatizing water for profit. To say that government doesn’t make profit is just semantics as they cannot continue any endeavor without additional capital in the form of taxes. Why is the government involved with water anyway when so many other government ventures have been so inefficient? True, we should put an end to crony capitalism, but the blame for this falls mostly on corrupt politicians, not on private executives. Only the politicians actually have the power to change laws directly; and if they were not willing and able to use their power to play favorites (based on their “campaign donations”), there would be no corruption. Laws favoring some companies over others should be unconstitutional, and every company deserves equal protection.


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