Why is Chainlink Crypto so Popular?

Blockchain enters the real-life sector, and more real-world enterprises strive to move their business to blockchain technology over time. The reason is that crypto scope enables fast money transactions and reliable data delivery. Blockchain can significantly contribute to logistics, medicine, insurance, data accounting, finances, and probably all other spheres of life. In this regard, Chainlink is one of the leading platforms helping integrate blockchain in real sector businesses. In this article, we will talk about the Chainlink project and explain its essence.

What is Chainlink? It is a decentralized oracle that bridges blockchain with real-sector companies. It allows for putting external data into the blockchain and running the business processes through smart contracts.

What Does Chainlink Do To Be So Popular?

Chainlink provides the connection of real-world data with blockchains such as Solana or Ethereum and others. Thus, Chainlink can host numerous applications. The platform has become popular because many real sector enterprises strive to integrate blockchain technologies into their ecosystems and business processes.

What is LINK Crypto?

LINK is an internal Chainlink coin. It is not used for buying items like, for example, Bitcoin is used. Instead, LINK crypto serves for smart contracts execution within the platform. The network participants that provide data transfers receive rewards in LINK coins.

Where Can I Buy Chainlink Coin?

The assets are available on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. It is the largest platform in Europe, enabling crypto trading legally. WhiteBIT offers over 400 crypto pairs and the possibility to buy digital coins with fiat currencies.

Trading opportunities on WhiteBIT:

  • futures;

  • spot;

  • margin;

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  • leverage;

  • p2p;

  • staking;

  • DEX;

  • codes;

  • and much more.

Registered users access a demo trading option, which allows for practicing different trading strategies using demo tokens.

The platform offers a standalone resource White Blog where you will find a lot of useful information on the crypto industry, descriptions of up-and-coming crypto projects (such as Chainlink), helpful guides on trading, quizzes for the community, and much more. 

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