Why is EVERYONE Leaving BIG CITIES Forever? The Great American City Exodus.

The time has come to leave big cities forever.

Aw, the suburbs. They’re so charming, aren’t they? Where people might know your name, and you can sorta park your car and not have to deal with crap.

In case you aren’t watching the news, right now, the US population is leaving the big city life and heading in this direction.

We go through phases when it comes to migration patterns, so this isn’t new. In the 50s after world war 2, tons of Americans fled cities, bolstered by cheap home loans. In the late 60s when highways exploded and violence in big cities escalated, we saw a big exodus into the suburbs then, too.

We’re currently right in the middle of another shift.

Today, we’re going to talk about places you can move if you want to get out of the big city yourself. And we’ll also tell you places you shouldn’t go if you MUST live in a big city, god help you. Let’s get started.

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Before we begin, I’ll briefly go into the reasons why the big cities are losing their favorability. First of all, the cost of living is not making it easy for families to live here anymore. Gentrification and modern improvements have made urban cities really expensive. And crime is going up now too – big cities are more dangerous now than they’ve been since crime HAD fallen by half since the 1990s. In some places now, it’s outright chaotic.

And then there’s the health crisis, which has meant having a lot of people packed into one place is a bad idea. Companies are now allowing people to work from home now, making big cities unnecessary. 62% of employers said they expect to move a significant amount of work to remote work.

All of this chaos and high cost of living is forcing people raising families to leave. Both middle class and the white collar professionals are sick of it.

Even Millennials are also a part of the big city flight, now, leaving big cities for greener, less expensive pastures. Many of them have stated they originally took jobs in big cities, but realized they didn’t like them

Anyways, all of that shows up in the actual data, in the polling and coming straight from people being interviewed on the streets.

Now, let’s get to the places you should go. That’s the real reason you’re here, right? Moving a family is a complex task, but the main things to consider are safety, taxes, cost of living, traffic and schools. Basically, more land, more space, more free time and a better quality of life. We’ll talk about places like Idaho, Nebraska, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and even foreign countries.


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