Why Is No One Discussing This Data From The CDC? Extremely Suspicious and May Answer Some Important Questions! (Includes Sources)

by AC

Every year, there are thousands of influenza cases that are tracked by the CDC. The two subtypes are H1N1 and H3N2. Nearly every year the number of cases reported for both strains tally into the thousands, if not tens of thousands for the United States alone. So the question is, why are there an extreme unusual, near “record low” number of H3N2 cases being reported for this particular flu season?

Check the data out yourself. Go to the CDC’s “fluview” here:

Now use the toggle tool on the upper left to view all of the tracked cases for H3. You will find that no matter which week you view, you will see that there have been no more than 271 cases for any given week. 271?! That is remarkable, considering there are often thousands (sometimes as high as 9 thousand!) cases reported in a particular week…Except for this year, where the highest cases reported totaled 271 in a particular week.

Despite this data, health officials have been warning the masses for months, that 2020 could be “exceptionally severe” this season. (see source below)

Just one article of dozens online suggesting the severity of H3 and how it is particularly deadly for the elderly:

Could it be possible that health officials are intentionally swapping out or (negating) H3 data for CV19? If not, the where did H3 Flu go? The United States historically has thousands of cases every year. At this point I think we may be on the precipice of blowing this very real conspiracy wide open.

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